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Talahogan - The vacation home with the most sweeping panoramas of Red Rock Country in all Sedona
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The Bathrooms--Talahogan vacation rental

The vacation home has two bathrooms--a full bath plus a smaller one with shower adjoining the master suite. The main bathroom features a combined tub and shower area with great views of the red rocks in both directions--Courthouse Butte to the east and Doe Mesa and Bear Mtn to the west. Once in the whirlpool tub or shower, it's hard to get out! Thanks to those windows as well as a skylight, the main bath of the vacation rental is bright and sunny and, like the rest of the house, has a geniune southwestern feel to it with lots of wood and subdued Mexican decor. The floors, cabinet and linen closet are all solid oak and even the bath/shower area is paneled in pine siding! Please click here if you wish to contact us about the availability of this vacation home.

  Bathrooms of the Vacation Rental   Bathrooms of the Vacation Rental   Bathrooms of the Vacation Rental  
  The warm, comfortable southwestern style of the main bath   Sit-down vanity w/ lots of counter space & large carousel shelves in corner cupboard   Rustic wood siding in the bath/shower area  
  Bathrooms of the Vacation Rental   Bathrooms of the Vacation Rental   Bathrooms of the Vacation Rental  
  Great red rock views from the whirlpool bath and shower!   The colorful Mexican decor of the master suite   A 3/4 bath, it has a shower and lots of storage space  
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